Hey everyone! In lieu of an interview this week – I am posting another Keep It Classical Intermezzo. Take a listen to hear about what guests will be joining me for the podcast this month. I will give you a hint – you won’t be disappointed! But you’ll have to click play to find out who it’ll be. On this week’s episode, you’ll also hear about a new event coming up at the end of the month called Classical Conversations. I’ll be joined by lots of friends on Thursday night, May 26th at the Black Box housed in the Arts and Culture Emporium on Gay St. in Knoxville. We’ll chat and perform and have a great time! Also on the episode, a Los Angeles area conductor who has been at the helm of his orchestra for 63 years, steps down this month. Thanks as always for listening to Keep It Classical We will get back to the interviews next week in the meantime – enjoy what’s to come!