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Gaelic Symphony Premieres 121 Years Ago Today

Now is precisely the time to break out the streamers and confetti for our culture and our music. And Amy Beach should be at the top of that list. She not only shattered the proverbial glass ceiling for female composers, but she blazed a trail for American composers to come, regardless of gender.

Kiri Te Kanawa Is Calling It A Career

Kiri Te Kanawa has announced her retirement from performing nearly a year after her final concert.

Da Capo: KIC Week In Review 4/16-4/22

Bill Murray Gets Classical; Soprano Nadine Sierra is the Country's Top Young Singer; The LA Phil Rules; So do the Arts; Kalamazoo Symphony Opens Doors to Refugees Happy Earth Day! Here are the top five stories in the classical music... Continue Reading →

#TBT: The Tinder Opera

Featured March 28, 2017, on NPR: Over 400 years ago, opera made its debut on the stage and traditionally that is where the art form has lived and thrived. That doesn’t mean folks haven’t tried to adapt opera to modern... Continue Reading →

Keep It Classical Ep. 101 – Opera Bass Carves Out His Own Path

Zachary James doesn't accept "no" as an answer. Or if he does, he'll most certainly find another way to get what he wants. As a Musical Theater major at Ithaca College, James realized that his real passion was for opera.

Conductor Davies A Champion Of New Music And Steward Of Tradition

Kevin Doherty's CapRadio interview with conductor and champion of new music, Dennis Russell Davies.

Video: Aria From 11-Year-Old Alma Deutscher’s Cinderella in Vienna

Innovative Opera Director a Newly Minted Free Agent

Episode 001 – The Audience

Art and Classical Music are nothing without the audience. In the very first episode of Keep It Classical, I talk about the importance of the audience and the importance of making sure we perform for the audience. Classical Music is... Continue Reading →

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