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Gaelic Symphony Premieres 121 Years Ago Today

Now is precisely the time to break out the streamers and confetti for our culture and our music. And Amy Beach should be at the top of that list. She not only shattered the proverbial glass ceiling for female composers, but she blazed a trail for American composers to come, regardless of gender.

Kiri Te Kanawa Is Calling It A Career

Kiri Te Kanawa has announced her retirement from performing nearly a year after her final concert.

Arvo Pärt Turns 82 Today

The BBC Symphony Orchestra performs Arvo Pärt's Cantus In Memorium Benjamin Britten. Pärt turns 82 today.

Sigur Rós and the LA Philharmonic Perform… TOGETHER!

Watch the video of the Icelandic art-rock band, Sigur Rós performing live with the Los Angeles Philharmonic during the Reykjavik Festival on April 14. The Festival was streamed live via Pitchfork from Walt Disney Concert Hall. The video is 50... Continue Reading →

Da Capo: KIC Week In Review 4/16-4/22

Bill Murray Gets Classical; Soprano Nadine Sierra is the Country's Top Young Singer; The LA Phil Rules; So do the Arts; Kalamazoo Symphony Opens Doors to Refugees Happy Earth Day! Here are the top five stories in the classical music... Continue Reading →

Deborah Borda Takes Over at the NY Phil

Deborah Borda is headed back to the Big Apple to take the reigns of the New York Philharmonic. Ms. Borda, 67, served as executive director of the storied organization back in the 1990s and since then has spent the last... Continue Reading →

Women of Classical Music

Orchestras and opera companies alike are slow to produce works composed by women. This week, I appeared on Capital Public Radio's Insight to talk about a few of classical music's most prominent women.

Video: Aria From 11-Year-Old Alma Deutscher’s Cinderella in Vienna

Naxos Shuts Down Year Old Streaming Service

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